Drag & drop BC breaking changes post

Due to recent changes to many modules that PuPHPet offers, config.yaml files generated before 04/18/2015 will no longer 100% match the GUI.

Changes include but are not limited to the following:

Deploy Target

Previously, whenever you generated a new config, the target section would be named as vagrantfile-${target}. For example, vagrantfile-local, vagrantfile-rackspace, vagrantfile-digitalocean, etc.

This has been changed to a single key, vagrantfile. Now when you choose a deploy target in the GUI the proper values will be chosen and everything else hidden.

Meaning if you choose local then values specific to local will be added to your config.yaml file, and everything else omitted. Likewise, if you choose Rackspace then the proper API fields will be added and local and other target values omitted.

Making this change makes the config.yaml, Vagrantfile and GUI easier to read and maintain as there no longer requires switching to decide which target is being chosen.

This also has the side effect of preventing issues like puphpet#1258, a bug where multiple providers would end up in a single config file.


Both Apache and Nginx were heavily refactored.

Nginx support has always been iffy, but with the recent changes everything is working quite well. I implemented proper Location and FastCGI support. Everything used to be semi-hardcoded but is now completely configurable by the user. I also change the default webserver from Apache to Nginx as I got more familiar and comfortable with it.

For Apache, I completely dropped support for version 2.2.x, and also dropped support for mod_php. Everything is 100% fcgi using php-fpm.

I also learned about Apache's FilesMatch directive, which was introduced in version 2.4.10. In-depth support for Directory and FilesMatch is now the name of the game.


The databases' forms were also refactored to completely split up the user, database and permissions fields. This allows for far more granular control.

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